Warehousing and Inventory Management

Augmenting Bottom Lines With Operational Excellence & Resource Enhancement

Warehousing and Inventory Management - DIGICARE WIM

Warehousing and Inventory Management are among the primary focus areas that dictate efficiency, savings, wastage reduction, and resources optimizing. Our unrivaled infrastructural competence and innovative ingenuity set us apart.

Central warehouse and four decentralized warehouses across India with State of art infrastructure

Bangalore warehouse - 14000 Sq Ft

Bonded warehouse

Raw Material & Finished goods – 92.50 Sq ft, Manufacturing – 2058.50 Sq ft, Packing – 2696.13 Sq ft

4 Regional Hubs in different regions act as secondary warehouse


  • Incoming / Outgoing Quality Check
  • Receiving and segregations
  • System driven binning, storing and distribution
  • Tailored Packaging services
  • Forward and Reverse logistic
  • Fulfillment, Refund, COD and replacement
  • Demand and Forecast planning
  • Storage as per Product, value and Shelf life
  • Recycle services


  • Tailed Inventory Management system as per the Business model
  • Consolidation and Deconsolidation centers
  • Fulfilment centers and cross docking
  • System directed & controlled allotment, picking, put away, binning documentations
  • KANBAN, JIT, FIFO, LIFO methods
  • High value, Shelf-life storage.
  • real-time view of specific stocks, transactions
  • Audits and Reconciliation
  • Realtime customized dashboards of KPIs and SLAs performance
  • BI Dash boards


  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified plants
  • TAPA A Complaint facility
  • High Value Inventory Caging
  • Recycle services

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