Repair and Return Service

Maximising Customer Experience With Perfected Repair & Return Mechanism


‘Prioritizing peak productivity by facilitating equipment availability and machine uptime.’

Repair and Return Services has a pivotal role to play in customer experience. With the right technology, skilled human capital, and prioritized deadline, our customer-centric approach has been key to achieving both customer retention and customer acquisition.

DIGICARE’s Repair & Return services are optimized to maximize timeliness, equipment availability, and machine uptime. With our well-defined modus operandi, issues are responded to efficiently by experts, with the best response time and ideal resolution. Our processes ensure transparency and competitive advantages that are greatly appreciated by our client partners.

Benefits Of DIGICARE’s Repair & Return Services

  • Helps In Cost Reduction
  • Fostering Customer Satisfaction
  • Increases Customer Retention
  • Better & Impactful Performance Of Products
  • Loss Reduction
  • Improved Brand Image & Elevated Prestige
  • Sustainability Through Product Reuse
  • Heightening Trust & Brand Loyalty
  • Improved Downtime Of Products
  • Better Data Collection
  • Greater Transparency & Precise Forecasting

These include:

  • Service Centers - Our service centers are relentlessly working on a war footing in our dedicated 61 service centers equipped with a Helpdesk, Call Reception, Secretary, etc.
  • Asset Management - We appreciate the importance of your asset, and have all the mechanisms and automation to make sure every asset is well taken care of.
  • Warranty Support - As a sign of our commitment to you and the confidence we have in our processes is the Warranty Support we provide to every client.
  • RMA Coordination - RMA coordination has been crucial in maintaining positive customer relations through prudent coordination and analysis of cost reductions and lead time among many others.
  • Calling - To enhance productivity and pleasant customer experiences, callers are dedicated to maintaining and updating call logs, testing dates, and acknowledgment records.
  • Troubleshooting - Being one of our primary focus, Troubleshooting L1 to L3 level repair services are an important component among a number of others.
  • Chain of Command - Regional Managers Govern all our 61 centers to ease and enhance customer experience through proper communication with managers.

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