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DIGICARE is a dedicated service subsidiary of Smartlink Holdings Ltd., India's leading networking company established in 1993. It has since then etched its reputation as among the most credible entities in the industry, proudly traversing the globe with its world-class made-in-India products and services, changing the face of progress as it goes.

Smartlink Holdings Ltd. continues to reinforce its prestige in the field of top-notch integrated supply chain services with DIGICARE expanding its dominion, consisting of Warehousing, Inventory & Distribution Management, After-Sales Support, including RMA Centers, DIGICARE Technical Assistance Center (DTAC), and Direct Service Department (DSD).

DIGICARE, energized by its certified and accredited processes, multi-skilled professionals, innovative principles, and advanced infrastructure, is quickly scaling up to be the leader in the integrated supply chain services sphere of operations.

3 Direct RMAs/Service Centers (Goa, Bangalore & Kolkata) and 46 Service Partners across the country.

DIGICARE is focused and iron-willed towards transforming business and driving the growth of not only different sectors but also playing a pivotal part in India’s unabated march to the highest echelons of prosperity and prestige.

Three reasons why you should choose DIGICARE’s Services


Our rich and diverse wealth of talented teams is the ace in the pack that helps us cross the perceived insurmountable. With their array of far-reaching skills in every element of our operations, we are always primed to deliver on the high expectations graciously bestowed upon us. This enables us to also provide something extra to the delight of our clients that sets us apart. Our team from across regions is the mortar that keeps excellence soaring high


Our focus on the most infinitesimal of matters to help us provide the best in customer support and thus in turn drive up the client satisfaction of our clients gives us an edge over our peers. This moat-inducing diligence has been the fulcrum around which our progress is salient. This diligence transcends across our broad spectrum of services and support, and thus permeates into tangible results on the ground.


Our reputation as a dependable partner in Warehousing, Inventory & Distribution Management and After-Sales Support, etc, is etched by the dependability we have scripted time after time. Faced with uncertainties and challenges, our processes and personnel have stood up to the test and excelled. This well-earned trust boosts our confidence every time we take up a new project, and this has helped us create a cherished compilation of experiences that speaks for itself.

Our SOs (Strategic Objectives)

To establish ourselves as the premier provider of top-of-the-line after-sales logistics and services with pathbreaking, effective, and efficient support through unmatched expertise, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and dedicated adherence to the stipulated timeline.
To keep providing the pinnacle of customer service to all our clients that drives sustained progress by enhanced customer experience, streamlined troubleshooting, and optimized efficiency and reach.
Our Priorities
People , Operations , Finance , Operational Excellence
Our Focus
Safety , Innovation , Teamwork , Results Orientation , Security , Integration , Quality , Passion


To continually scale the highest echelons in service, support, repair, and other technical prowess. To keep enhancing the crucial synergy of know-how and infrastructural currentness that heightens the best in performance as we have continued to achieve.


DIGICARE draws upon the treasure trove of trusted capabilities and enriched values of its parent company, Smartlink Holdings Ltd., one of India’s leading IT networking companies. We are guided by its pioneering work in the specialized domain of networking, today recognized as one of the most reliable products in its influence sphere with a notable experience spanning three decades. Today DIGICARE is making waves in the industry and is among industry leaders in top-in-class integrated services and support, consolidating its pride of place in the field of top-notch integrated supply chain services, consisting of Warehousing, Inventory & Distribution Management, After-Sales Support consists of RMA Centers, DIGICARE Technical Assistance Center (DTAC) and Direct Service Department (DSD).

DIGICARE Work Culture

DIGICARE’s ability to scale up to meet industry requirements and be flexible to market realities has been entrenched in our work culture and has been eased owing to:

  • Hi-tech tools & infrastructure.
  • More than 130,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.
  • Two RoHS capabilities.
  • Capacity to handle S.M.D.components.
  • State-of-the-art machinery from Japan
  • Third-party recognition for processes & services
  • Integrated manufacturing, pre-sales & after-sales capabilities.

Why Digicare

We take pride in helping our clients deliver marvelous results when it comes to their projects. From data to performance, we’ve got you covered.

DIGICARE CMC - End-To-End Customer Management Cycle

DIGICARE - Allied Solutions & Services Interwoven Seamlessly.

Our End-To-End Customer Management services make the whole cycle immaculate. It makes the entire process infallible, making the overall experience pleasant for customers, thus embedding trust in their minds. This is the crucible on which invaluable credibility and loyalty are built around.

Import / Export

AEO certified unit with 97% of clearance within 2


We strike a balance between investment and customer


Forward Next day delivery and reach of 17000 pus pin codes

IT / Software

Inhouse team to build tailored application solutions

Walk In

50 plus centers with help desk and technical support